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and execute code directly in the cloud.

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Use the power of the cloud.

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Deploy to any cloud platform.

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Made for Developers

We are passionate developers like you and we built covexo to simplify our daily work.
Now, we are sharing our cloud development platform with developers around the world.

The essential idea of cloud development with covexo is that you keep coding with your favorite desktop-based code editor but every line of code is automatically transferred to your cloud-based workspace in the background. Such a cloud-based workspace, called DevSpace, can now be used to run a live prototype of your application, to run computing intense code directly in the cloud and much more. DevSpaces are great because they make the lives of developers a lot easier.

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Your DevSpaces saves you time when starting a new project or joining an existing one.

Build your tech stack with just a few clicks

Choose from our pre-configured DevSpace and container templates or simply build your own tech stack with images from Dockerhub or any other Docker registry.

Use a covexo.yaml to get started in seconds

The covexo desktop tool saves your entire DevSpace configuration in one file. If you check out a project having a covexo.yaml, you can create the dev environment in seconds.


Our desktop tools synchronizes your code in real-time to your DevSpace. Fast and reliable.

Code with your favorite desktop editor

The covexo desktop tool synchronizes all your source code from your local computer directly to your containers in the cloud. No need to switch to a browser-based code editor.

Use the cloud to compile and run your code

With the power of the cloud, you can compile, run and test code faster than with your local laptop. Just scale up CPU and RAM if you need more computing power.


You can access the application running in your DevSpace with a personal URL.

Send a demo to others with a simple link

With covexo, you always have a realistic live prototype directly in the cloud. Send a link to colleagues to get feedback or to test your application.

Version your config together with your code

covexo stores your entire dev environment in a yaml single file which you can easily version with git. Checking out old code will also set your dev environment back in time.


Whatever runs in your DevSpace will also run on every cloud platform.

Deploy your code to any cloud platform

Everything on covexo runs with open source technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. Whatever runs with covexo, will also run on any cloud platform that has Kubernetes and/or Docker.

Use cloud-native technologies like Docker

To develop truly cloud-native systems, you need to start with the right technologies from the beginning. With covexo, you develop based on container technologies with ease.

Get started with Docker in the covexo Cloud

Docker is one of the most powerful open-source technologies that has been developed within the last couple of years. With covexo, you can get started with Docker without having to know anything about Docker containers. Get the benefits of Docker without being a Docker expert.

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Your DevSpace for EVERY tech stack

Your DevSpace is your cloud-based development environment. It is directly connected to your local computer and consists of multiple containers.






















To build your DevSpace, you can use any image from Dockerhub or from a private Docker registry.

Your DevSpace works with EVERY editor


DevSpace Creator

Use our featured Docker images or simply add any image from Dockerhub to build your DevSpace within seconds.

Intuitive for beginners and fully configurable for experts
Compatible with every image registry like Dockerhub

Console Access

With the terminal inside the DevSpace Manager you can easily execute commands in your containers and stream their output.
As powerful as PuTTY but easier and with modern technology
Fully encrypted and secure connection to your DevSpace

Log Monitoring

The DevSpace Manager allows you to stream the logs of every container within your DevSpace with just a click.
Stream logs in real-time and with the original color scheme
Full access to stdout and stderr of every container

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>_ How does it work?

covexo is a container development platform which lets you create DevSpaces and program directly in the cloud.

A DevSpace is your cloud-based workspace where you can execute code. With our desktop tool, the DevSpace Manager, you can create DevSpaces, configure code the code synchronization and execute commands in the containers of your DevSpace.

You just keep coding as usual with your favorite tools. covexo works with every IDE and is fully compatible with all your favorite dev tools such as git.

The covexo DevSpace Manager synchronizes your source code in real-time to your cloud-based DevSpace.
Your DevSpace is your new cloud-based dev environment which is directly connected to your local machine. It just takes a few seconds to create a DevSpace.

To me, covexo is like Heroku for containers.

covexo instantly updates my cloud prototype while I’m coding. It’s incredibly fast and simple.

And when I push code to production, I already know everything will work as expected.

Christian Schreckenberger

Researcher and Software Developer
Institute for Enterprise System

name: my-devspace


- name: nodejs
  image: 'node:9.4'
    cmd: run watch
    workDir: /app
    entryPoint: npm
  initScript: |
    npm install
    NODE_ENV: dev
  - name: source-code
    localSubPath: ./
    containerPath: /app
  - hostPrefix: ''
    containerPort: 3000
    path: /

- name: mariadb
  image: mariadb
    cmd: mysqld
    MYSQL_DATABASE: wp_data
    MYSQL_PASSWORD: my-password
    MYSQL_USER: wp_user
  - name: config
    localSubPath: ./config/mariadb
    containerPath: /etc/mysql
  - name: data
    containerPath: /var/lib/mysql



The covexo DevSpace Manager automatically saves your DevSpace configuration in a single file named covexo.yaml and updates its contents whenever you edit your DevSpace.

Whenever you need to check out code from a previous release to fix a bug, the covexo.yaml ensures that you can immediately get everything running with the dev environment used at the time of committing the old release.

By versioning your development environment with the covexo.yaml, you make sure that others can check out your code and run it with the exact same runtime configuration. No "works on my machine" problems anymore.


covexo supports hackathons and coding culture.

If you are planning a hackathon, let’s get in touch!


Contact us if you want to modernize your development process. Our customer engineering team will be happy to help you migrating to covexo or adopting Docker and Kubernetes within your development team.

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